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You're a long time dead

We all dream. Odd's are that if you've found yourself on this page, there's a good chance that some of your dreams involve the outdoors. Perhaps you dream of hiking to Everest's Base Camp. Or summiting Everest itself. It could be kayaking the Grand Canyon of the  Stikine. It might be you seek the winter solitude of the Camino de Stantiago. Maybe it's diving in the Red Sea. Or hiking the Wild Atlantic Way...all of it. 

These dreams of our's, they're an unmet reality. 

Why is that?

Is it lack of time? Perhaps you have a busy family life. A demanding job. Maybe this dream of yours will cost too much. Or maybe you're just plain scared of the risk involved. 

Sometimes, what these dream of ours need, is a nudge. A little jump start. 

The Irish Adventurer of the Year Awards might be just that jump start



of the



What is it? 

The Irish Adventurer of the Year Awards is an awards night that celebrates the many adventurous spirits and  inspiring adventures, misadventures, trips, expeditions and microadventures that Irish people have been on in the last two years

Where & When is it? 

When: 7:30pm Friday March 29th 2019

Where: Castlebar, Co. Mayo. Ireland (venue tbc)

Where can I buy tickets?

Here. Or, Click on the TICKETS button. 

I've been on an adventure. Can I nominate myself? 

Absolutely. Details on how to do that are below. 

Someone I know has been on an adventure. Can I nominate them? 

Absolutely. Details on how to do that are below. 

What counts as an adventure?

First off, lets agree that not all of us will agree on what is and what is not an adventure.

Luckily for us the dictionary has done that heavy lifting.  An 'adventure' is defined as "an unusual and exciting or daring experience.". 

Have you been on an unusual and exciting or daring experience? Has someone you know? 

Well then, please send them our way. Details on how to nominate yourself or someone else are below. 

But first, some (real) examples. 

  • Travelling the Wild Atlantic Way by push scooter (yes, someone has actually done this). 

  • Attempting to hike all of Ireland's way-marked trails. 

  • Climbing K2.

  • Sailing to Greenland on a kayaking and climbing expedition to explore new climbs. 

  • Crossing the Patagonia Ice Field. 

  • Sailing around the world solo. 

  • Sea kayaking around Ireland. 

  • Walking around Ireland barefoot. 

  • Cycling across South East Asia

  • Swimming a river from source to sea. 

Indeed there are. Six. 

Best Overall Adventure

Best Adventure by Land

Best Adventure by Water

Most Inspiring Adventure

Best Microadventure

Best Regional Adventure (Leinster, Connacht, Ulster and Munster)

Are there award categories? 

Who decides on the category winners? 

A panel of judges. We won't be revealing who the judges are till after the category winners are decided. 

February 13th Wednesday  2019

What's the nomination deadline?

Is there a public vote?

Yes, yes there is. For one category. The Most Inspiring Adventure. The decision for the Most Inspiring Adventure award will be a 50/50 decision split between a public vote and our judges vote.

Previously when asked this question our answer was..."No. No there is not. This isn't a popularity contest". Turns out people like sharing their opinions online. Who knew. 

Can a team or group be nominated?

It can. Teams, groups or individuals ca be nominated. 

How do I nominate myself or someone else?

Simple. Click on this link, Or the Nomination Form button below. Fill out the short form. We'll take it from there. 

Simple. Click on this link, Or the Nomination Form button below. Fill out the short form. We'll take it from there. 

Don't Outsider already do something like this?

They do. And they do a good job of it. The Outsider of the Year  Awards casts a wider net than us. We have a very narrow focus - exclusively on adventure. 


If you are putting yourself or someone you know forward for nomination to the Irish Adventurer of the Year Awards, and haven't also put forward a nomination for the Outsider awards, you should. You can do that at

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about the awards, please get in touch via the Contact page

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